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Why do steroids make you gain weight?

gain wight

Corticosteroids and anabolic steroids are often called steroids. Medicines that have these elements can be used for inflammation. Many circumstances can cause inflammation to a broken immune system.

The immune system protects the body from different kinds of viruses and foreign bodies. When you use steroids, it can cause weight gain. Because you have to eat a lot and your muscles will be bigger too. Many bodybuilders buy Anavar and other such steroids from popular sites, such as UGFreak for this purpose.

Sometimes you have an immune system that attacks healthy cells too, which can break the cells and swole them. Steroids can help to bind that broken tissue. Some steroids indicate the immune system not to break healthy cells.

How can steroids make you gain weight?

If you are using steroids, be ready for inflammation and weight gain. When using steroids, you must feel hungry and always try to find something good to eat. This is what when you eat again and again you will gain weight.

That’s why people who just focus on meals and healthy items don’t gain weight compared to those who take steroids. If you are getting steroids for a purpose and aren’t exercising, you might gain weight because you aren’t exercising enough and getting steroids consistently.

We mostly see that people who take steroids get fat on the abdomen, neck, face, hips. This is because of high doses of steroids or taking doses for a long time.  Although if you are taking steroids for a day, week, or a month, it doesn’t have any side effects.

While you stop taking steroids, your fat will be gone. This will only be applied to the users from 1 month to 1 year.

TIP: If you are willing to lose weight, you should exercise and eat particular food such as spices, carbonated drinks, citrus food items, and fruits.

How to maintain weight gain from steroids?

It won’t be easy to maintain weight gain from steroids use. The only way where we can see some results is by following steps.

Drink more water

Drinking could help you to lose weight. While you are using steroids and not drinking a good quantity of water, your body will be lack salt and water. You need to drink water to control the salt ratio and water weight in the body.

That’s why you shouldn’t eat food with lots of salt and carbonated drinks. Take a bottle of water as you can. You should drink water before the meal, and by doing this, you won’t eat a lot and lose weight.


If you are ready to maintain weight gain from steroids, you must exercise. Losing weight depends on what kind of steroids you are taking and what you are exercising.

Meal planning

You have to plan your meal by choosing an effective and healthy meal. Instead of eating three large meals, you can have six small meals and a shorter gap between those meals.

Consult with a Doctor

If you can’t control the weight gain, it’s better to consult with a doctor.  The doctor will see your plan and help you examine your health, and protect yourself from unwanted side effects. If you still can’t fix your problem, the doctor needs to change the medication.


Suppose you are willing to take some medicines to lose weight while taking steroids. Don’t do it. Stop it. The first talk to your doctor will see if these medications are fit to use while taking steroids. Some aren’t fit, and they leave a lot of side effects too.

Final Thoughts

Steroids are anti-inflammatory medications that cause few side effects, such as weight gain and fluid retention. You have to drink water before the meal and keep yourself hydrated. Eat healthy food with less sodium and more potassium, and required exercise can help weight lose weight. Overall, the benefits surely outweigh the disadvantages. But, it’s important that you complete a steroid cycle and use these products in the prescribed dose only if you want to obtain their maximum benefits.

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