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Why Is My PC So Slow? Find out why, and fix them

Would you like your computer to run faster? Computers have become such a vital part of our everyday lives that we would be completely lost without them. Some of these steps may already be known to you, but there are many rests you may not have thought of.

There are many programs and software’s that run together on your computer to make it run smoothly and efficiently. Generally, the program that is running slowly is using more system resources than the one that is running faster. The result is a slow-running and error-prone computer. You might even be slowing down your computer by not using programs as often.

Do you want a fast PC?

Remove unnecessary programs from your computer to make it run faster. 

Select “start”, “control panel” from the menu by right-clicking on the start menu or control panel. 

In the Control Panel, next to the clock, an overview of all installed programs appears. By clicking “remove”, it will bring you a dialogue box to proceed uninstalling.

Get rid of all unnecessary programs. If you uninstall most programs, you will probably still gain some speed, even if they save a lot of space. Get rid of all unnecessary programs by closing them and uninstalling them. Don’t forget to close down unnecessary shortcuts and icons. You will notice an increase in speed when you next start your computer.

What is the best way to increase my computer’s performance? 

You should also clean your registry to speed up your computer. The registry is a place where all of the information and settings about your computer are stored. A copy of the old registry is created when you install new programs or uninstall old ones. Keeping this registry on your computer will slow down its performance.

Clean your registry with a registry cleaner

By cleaning the registry of all unwanted and unneeded files, registry cleaners can increase your computer’s speed. This is usually done automatically by most programs. Some may require manual intervention, however. Registry cleaners are useful because they can do redundant tasks for you as well as remove all junk files.

Your computer can be dramatically sped up by clearing out the registry. Do not worry about not knowing how to clean your registry. There are a variety of registry cleaners on the internet. The registry cleaners tend to remove the wrong things when they get to your computer, and they won’t speed it up at all.

Make use of a good antivirus program

You can improve your computer’s performance by using this easy method. It is common knowledge that antivirus programs are available, but not all of them are the same. Your computer’s speed can actually be affected by some antivirus programs.

Find out how to avoid these problems so that your computer runs more quickly than it did on the market. The best programs will get rid of all viruses and spyware from your computer, then help you clean up the registry. Your computer will perform much better if you do this regularly.

Optimize your hard drive by downloading software

As a result, your computer will have more space. Be sure to download the right program before downloading one that claims to speed up your computer because some programs might not be compatible with your computer’s operating system. You can see the software reviews at Trendstorys before downloading any software.

Consider Using Few Software Programmes

Make sure you are running programs that do not consume a lot of memory. A computer will run faster if it uses less memory. The less memory they are using, the faster it will run. 

Make Sure all Programs are Up To Date. 

Performance can sometimes be affected by new programs. A program that is old should be upgraded or uninstalled and replaced with a newer one. Your computer will perform like it did when it was new.


Following the above steps would surely give a boost to your PC performance. If you have any other tip to share, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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