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Zooqle: Download Games, Movies, and TV Shows (Also, Best Zooqle Alternatives?)


Are you looking for a free torrenting website to download HD movies, games, and songs? Zooqle is a torrent indexing website that will take care of all of your torrenting needs. 

This article is all about torrenting on Zooqle. You will learn all about Zooqle and the benefits that come with it. 

What is Zooqle?

Zooqle is a free website that has a large library of torrents and almost all of them are verified. What zooqle offers to its users is extraordinary. It has a great and simple UI, unlike all other torrenting websites that make it difficult to manage and navigate through your favorite movies. 

Zooqle has all of their torrent indexed in a simple, chronological order. When you open the Zooqle website, you can see that all of their categories are indexed and designed in a way that every user can easily access all their files and features. 

All of the content on Zooqle is easily accessible, and all of their torrents are verified (as we said earlier. You can download your favorite TV shows, movies, download games, download exclusive music as well. 

All of these types of different content are available and simply categorized in a simple, chronological order. 

Zooqle was first released as an alternative to Bitsnoop. Bitsnoop was shut down by the web in 2017. 

According to a recent report, Zooqle has over 3.8 million torrents that are verified. That statistic being taken into account, one may conclude that Zooqle has kept its spot in the top 10 torrent websites on the web. 

Is Zooqle the Best Torrent Website?

As we know that there are tons of torrent websites on the web and not all of them are authentic and easily accessible. 

With that being said, we may compare Zooqle with other torrent websites. With the comparison of Zooqle with other websites, we can conclude that Zooqle is one of the best torrent websites on the web, if not the best. 

Is Zooqle the Best Torrent Website

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What makes Zooqle great is its simple and easy-to-use UI. People prefer Zooqle over other torrent sites because Zooqle has a well-optimized and well-designed UI. 

Another reason why people like to use Zooqle as their daily torrenting site is because Zooqle has a fast response time unlike other sites that do have good content, but their websites are total trash. 

Best Zooqle Alternatives

As we all know that torrent sites are usually illegal and the web takes down most of them. Zooqle, on the other hand, manages this quite remarkably. Zooqle developers keep the URL hidden (most of the time). 

Which means that simply, they change its URL with time-to-time, making sure that Zooqle is running all day and all night. 

However, no matter how safe you are, the websites are harshly being monitored and shut down, occasionally, without prior notice. 

This makes us think that Zooqle is shut down and not working, Which might actually be the case (rarely), but to facilitate you with important information, we have decided to put in some useful and the best alternatives to Zooqle that are as good as zooqle, if not better. 

The first site in our mind is the glorious Kick ass Torrent

Kick Ass Torrent

Kickass Torrent is one of the most famous and widely used torrenting indexes in the world. Zooqle has its fame but kickass torrents have provided the internet with tons of pirated content. 

You can watch and download all kinds of content whether it be movies, games, or TV shows that are just released. 

Just like Zooqle, Kickass torrent has tons of torrents and all of them are working with high speed. 

Kickass torrent has a simple and easy-to-use UI, just like Zooqle which enables it to make it on top of the list of the best alternatives to Zooqle. 

The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is another king of torrents on the web. They have been working day and night to keep the website online as there are plenty of attacks on the website. The reason why is that people turn from Zooqle to the pirate bay and so do the hackers. 

We need to know that the pirate bay is one of the best alternatives to Zooqle because it has all the features that Zooqle has. 

From a huge database to a simple and user-friendly UI, the pirate bay has it all and so does Zooqle. 


1337x is also a very widely known torrenting site just like Zooqle. There are a lot of people that are surfing this website for torrents as an alternative to Zooqle.

1337x has a simple and user-friendly UI. Everyone can surf the website and download their favorite music and movies from 1337x. What makes 1337x a good alternative to Zooqle is its huge database of countless movies and games. 

You can watch and download movies that are just released (provided they are indexed on the internet. 


EETV is also a good Zooqle alternative thanks to its countless features and a similar, simpler UI. The best thing about EETV is that you don’t need to make an account to download anything. 

EETV, just like Zooqle, has a fast responsive UI making the user experience even better. The torrents are added and updated daily so that the user doesn’t have to worry about outdated content. 

Torrent Galaxy

You can surf this website and have all of your favorite movies in one place. People use Torrent Galaxy as an alternative to Zooqle just like other alternatives we’ve mentioned above, because it has a huge database of torrents. 

Almost all of the indexed torrents are verified.

They also offer a free VPN service which saves you from your ISP and the government tracking you and penalizing you. Though, you may find some ads there. 

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is one of the best and oldest torrenting sites on the internet. You can download anything from it, just like Zooqle. It has a minimalistic user interface making it easy to access and utilize all of its features to the fullest. 

Unlike any other torrenting site, you will find a lot of old and vintage torrent collections on the Internet Archive. 

Thanks to its huge database of movies, software, TV shows, and games, the Internet Archive checks all the ticks to make it to the list of best Zooqle alternatives.

YTS Proxy

YTS proxy is also another good alternative to Zooqle if your concern is only with movies. YTS has one of the best and largest databases of movies and that too, with a simple UI and lots of free features. 

If you go to their website, the first thing you’ll notice is their dark mode. A dark mode is pleasing to the eyes. Apart from that, you’ll feel that their UI is smooth and elegant, making it one of the best alternatives to Zooqle. 


RARBG was founded in 2008. Since then, it’s been providing the best quality torrent to its users. Similar to Zooqle, it provides a smooth UI and the best downloading experience to its users. 

From downloading HD movies and TV Shows to finding and downloading the latest games, RARBG has it all. 


LimeTorrents doesn’t require you to sign up before you download anything from the site, just like Zooqle. Yes, you can download anything from Zooqle without having to sign up. 

The website is easy to navigate. The UI is simple unlike other torrenting websites making it into the list of the best zooqle alternatives on the internet. 

PCGames Torrent

If your main concern is downloading games, PCGames Torrent can prove to be a good Zooqle alternative. 

When it comes to downloading the latest games, PCGames Torrent is one of a kind. You can download from the list of a variety of games on the website. All the games are sorted categorically and genre-wise. This makes it easier for the user to look and find, and most important, browse through an ocean of games. 

All of this makes PCGames Torrent one of the best Zooqle Alternatives, if not the best. 

To put the cherry on top, the games are regularly updated to facilitate the user with the best service possible. 

Apart from the Best Zooqle Alternatives, we have also included a brief list of some of the most frequently asked questions about Zooqle.

Zooqle Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the list of Frequently Asked Questions about Zooqle.

Is Zooqle Shut Down?

No, Zooqle is still working. You may not be able to reach the website through the current URL. Please try to use a different URL which you can find by writing “Zooqle” in the Google Search Bar. 

What is the Best BitTorrent Site?

Zooqle is arguably the best BitTorrent site on the internet. Though, there are also some alternatives of Zooqle which are listed in this article. 

Is Torrenting Still a thing?

Yes, even in 2022, people still use and love torrenting. It is not illegal, per se, it has to be said that downloading illegitimate torrents from illegal websites is unethical and illegal in most countries. 

Can’t access Zooqle?

If Zooqle is not working, we recommend using a VPN. Or, You can try a different URL to Zooqle by simply searching “Zooqle” on the Google Search Bar. 

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