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Agonizing blast 5e explanation in easy wording

Agonizing blast 5e explanation in easy wording
Agonizing blast 5e

Today’s topic is about the agonizing blast 5e from the game Dungeons and Dragons. The Dungeon and Dragons is a very famous game. Many movies are made at the theme of this game. It has amazing graphics, amazing animation, and wonderful sound effects, with cool characters in the latest releases. It was first introduced in the year 1947 since then and until now it has been played by several gamers and has sold millions of books.

In this article I will tell you about the agonizing blast 5e, about its effects, its uses, the issues related to it, the information, minor details, the method to use and much more in the game. This adventurous and fantasy action based game is filled with lot of surprises, actions, story battles, and characters. There are many series of the game with number of tools, weapons, blasts, spells, fantasy characters to glow the amaze of the game.

 The game can easily hook you up for several hours. The story of the game cannot be revealed in the article because we do not want to provide any spoilers although the story will engage you to the game until the end. It is amazingly written so if you are Dungeon and Dragon’s lover then get yourself ready because now you are going to learn about it with us so let’s go!!

What is basically an Agonizing blast 5e?

Talking about agonizing blast 5e it is actually an eldritch blast magical spell which you use while throwing an eldritch blast and add the modifier charisma which hit the target and cause the damage.

The spell creates the harm according to the level. On the higher level it creates more beams than the lower ones. It creates two beams on the fifth Level 3 on the 11th and four on the 17th. You can even attack precisely at every column

What is Eldritch blast?

Eldritch blast make a ranged spell that attack to attempt a hit on a target with an awesome damage of 1d10. It can be used at level 5, 11 and 17th. The power of the blast increases with increase in the level. The only full few creatures are resistant and immune to it. Here is some more information about eldritch blast:

School: Evocation

Duration: Instantaneous

Component: Verbal, Somatic

Level: Cantrip

Casting time:  1 action

Range: 120 feet

The blast is considered to be the premier magical spell for the warlock class.

Each Agonizing blast 5E including the charisma bonus:

It is another fact related to their Agonizing blast that each beam contains charisma and it happens when it is specifically stated in the spell so the change in the charisma plus the 1D10 harms the enemies. It is important to make a warlock a stronger and effective harmful cantrip. To do so you have to make his attacks more effective and albeit in taste, affect and damage by comparing it with other fighters. Mostly people don’t find the blast effective because they try to access the eldritch blast without the charisma bonus into the damage.

Effect of charisma modifier in Agonizing blast:

If you want the agonizing blast to deal on a hit it is necessary to add the charisma modifier.

What is the difference in a hit with and without charges modifier?

To answer the question I will say that charisma score is 15 and modifier score is 2 so when I intend to hit and Eldritch blast the score will be adding 1d10+1+5 two score damage.

Dependence of agonizing blast: The agonizing blast burst at a particular and specific area so it depends upon to its participants and the remaining celebration.

Melee attacks

There are melee focused battles in D&D game. If it is difficult to obstruct or stop the creatures because there are many strong, flying and fast creatures which are difficult to stop so in this case you shouldn’t use the agonizing blast it would be a disadvantage for you to use at this stage. You can block there eyesight, build cloud daggers area ,spells, terrain, motion and log a cloud and Millie assault others

Effect of illusions and dummies

It is the another technique that can be used in agonizing blast 5e. You can use different illusion, techniques such as using dummies, illusions, shadows, movement, or disappearance which act as a web for the opponents.

These techniques are useful for making a hit against the higher AC21. You can use it against big Dragons, Giants, lot of OES many critters, dire rats, 40 orcs, etc. You can make them slower, incapable or blind because it will take a lot of time to hit them with the eldritch blast. It can even require two to three eldritch blast per assault.

Cloud of daggers 5e overview in simple words

Simplification of Eldritch burst 5E:

The agonizing blast 5e helps the warlocks charisma to penetrate into the damage and simplifies the eldritch burst. You can challenge more to the other warlock players by changing the AC, adding more hit points, having more critters, etc.

A warlock and the Eldritch blast

There are many fights which cannot be managed just by and eldritch 5e and warlock. You can do ambitious attack on them when they are celebrating their success but stop before it is excessive amount of damage your aim shouldn’t be warlock every time. Sometimes it can be according to the situation but make sure that other individuals shine in others.

Points to consider:

  • When you are specializing the invocations into the eldritch blast you are missing the versatility because you are getting a limited number of invocations.
  • Eldritch is a ranged blast same as other range attacks. To add more versatility add melee weapon with eldritch blast.
  • If you want to be a better as compared to your other static damages you have to go up three dice sizes.

Battle master

The fight of an Archer or the warlock would be exciting, fun and challenging. What would it be an archer or a warlock? If you go with an Archer it can use the arches and the HP will make the game more challenging and fun. If you want to go with the warlock it would not be a good choice.

Overpowered warlocks

This choice is way too bad. If you want some powerful blast you can add repelling blast, eldritch blast, and lance of lethargy. This mixture will be very powerful but still not overpowered. We need to dash into the army to defeat them it may require some time and rounds but other options may cause better damage as compared to the warlocks. Even the animals with lower CR can easily fight as compared to the warlocks. The hidden fighter starts close to the enemy and wins the battle.

Frequently asked questions

Does eldritch blast break the concentration?

No, These blasts are not affected or interrupted by any met magic form so the eldritch blast do not break the concentration.

How powerful is agonizing blast 5e?

Agonizing blast is good enough to do four attacks of 1d10 + 5. But if you juggle the hex properly you can do 1d6 damage

What is agonizing blast?

The easiest way to understand the agonizing blast is that it is a mixture of Eldridge blast and charisma modifier. The resulting blast is agonizing blast resulting a damage.

Does eldritch blast pushes the creature away?

Yes, when you hit the target it pushes them away from you and give you space to defend yourself. It pushes the creatures almost 10 feet away from you.

Is Hex a warlock spell?

Hex is actually a spell of first level on the list of warlock spells. Usually it lasts up to one hour when you use bonus action to cast it but when you use spell slot to cast it; it can last up to 8 to 24 hours but you have to make sure that you shouldn’t lose the concentration.


Phew!!! that was a lot but this is not all about the game there is much more to explore you can get it on our website. I know the game sounds amazing. This article was about the specific part of the game not all of the game and as you know already that it was about the agonizing blast 5e. Many people do not know how to use, it when it, and went to avoid using it. So this article has explained everything simply in clear words to make you understand about it. The proper researched information is provided in this article. I Hope you like our efforts! do appreciate our work if you like it.

 Good luck and good wishes for the future!!

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