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Can You use Firestick to a Projector?

Do you want to watch movies or play games without having to pay for cables? 

If yes, then FireStick is probably the best solution for you. Nowadays, HDMI dongles are pervasive devices, but they are limited. They cannot display video signals over 1080p resolution, and they don’t support 4K resolutions. 

Are you looking for something better? 

Then, read this article and learn why FireStick is the best choice for you.

What is Firestick?

A Firestick is a streaming device to connect to your HDTV featuring an HDMI port. It comes with an app that gives you access from Amazon Prime to Netflix and many more. However, it cannot be connected with any old TV. All you need is a WiFi connection, a Firestick, and an HDTV to make things work.

The Best part is this Firestick is equally compatible with projectors to elevate your binge-watching experience exceptionally. 

How to connect Amazon Firestick to a projector with an HDMI port?

It is pretty simple to connect Firestick to your projector with an HDMI port. Most of the projectors under $600 comes with a dedicated HDMI port.

  • Plug the Fire TV Stick into the USB power source and the HDMI port of the projector.
  • Turn the projector on.
  • Now projector is ready to use with Fire Stick.
  • Setup your projector if you face the blur, crooked or wrong image. 

How to Connect Amazon Firestick to a Projector without an HDMI port?

If your projector lacks the HDMI port, it is still possible to connect the Firestick using an adapter that takes in HDMI input and sends the output to VGA or composite video source by converting it appropriately.

Here are the steps to connect the Amazon Firestick to the projector without an HDMI port:

  • Connect the adapter to the power source
  • Now click the Firestick to the power source as well
  • Now connect both adaptor and Firestick
  • Directly plug the cables into the adaptor on one side and the projector to the other side. 
  • Turn on the projector, and it is ready to go. 

How to connect Firestick remote to the projector?

Once the fire stick is connected to the projector via HDMI port or HDMI adaptor, the Firestick remote automatically configures with the projector. You can use the Fire Stick Remote to navigate easily. 

How Do I connect the Firestick to the projector and external audio source?

Connecting FireStick to the projector delivers the audio from the projector’s internal speakers. Most of the projectors under $100 comes with low internal speaker quality. However, you can connect the Bluetooth speakers to enjoy quality audio. Here are the steps to connect the Bluetooth speaker with Firestick:

  • Go to the settings of the Firestick
  • Select the controllers and Bluetooth devices
  • Now select the other Bluetooth devices
  • Click on Add Bluetooth Devices
  • Turn on the Bluetooth speakers
  • Select the relevant speakers in the list of Bluetooth devices
  • Pair them, and you are ready to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Firestick support Chromecast?

Yes, Firestick supports Chromecast devices. But the supported casting method depends upon the type of media player installed inside the Firestick. If you are willing to cast your content from the Android platform play videos or games, it will be casted. But the, Apple users get the privilege to cast from the iOS mobile device directly onto the television screen instead of casting from the Firestick. So, if you want to cast your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch content, it should be compatible with the Firestick.

Is it easy to set up Firestick?

It is straightforward to set up Firestick. Almost everyone who has Wi-Fi access can set it up within a few minutes. And even those who don’t have WiFi can still use the WiFi hotspot provided by the Firestick. There is no need to worry about downloading any software to set it up. All you have to do is plug the Firestick into your computer’s USB port and follow the instructions given on the screen.

Can I download movies using Firestick?

You cannot download movies using the Firestick. But you can download shows and podcasts. Shows and podcasts are usually downloaded from the internet and saved either on the SD card or the device’s hard drive. 


FireStick is the best product for watching content on big screens. At, there is a range of projectors which are firestick compatible. Firestick can stream data at high speed, supporting 4K Ultra High Definition. It has a fantastic range of connectivity options that let you integrate the device into just about anything. No matter how big the screen size is. It will fit comfortably in your hand and then deliver all the entertainment right on your big screen.

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