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Embroidery Machine Care And Maintenance Tips

Things survive longer when you take care of them. It may seem self-evident, yet it took me years to grasp that sentiment. And it’s one that applies to your embroidery machine without a doubt. The better you look after it, the longer it will last and the more efficiently it will work. But, exactly, what does it mean to maintain an embroidery machine properly? Different machines require different care and maintenance, however there are a few easy techniques I’ve learnt for proper embroidery machine care. This article will tell you about embroidery machine care as well as maintenance tips. In case, if you do not have an embroidery machine and want to buy one then, a certain embroidery machine review can help you which can help you buy the best embroidery machine depending on your budget.

Have your embroidery machine serviced on a regular basis.

I understand how difficult it is to be without your embroidery machine for a few days, but yearly or even bi-yearly service (depending on how frequently you use it) will help maintain it in good form. Consider it a trip to the dentist. After graduation, I went a few years without seeing a dentist. That was a huge blunder. I ended up with a crown and a root canal. The lesson I learnt was that preventative care helps things last longer, which I apply to both my teeth and my embroidery machine.

Treat your computer and its accessories with care.

When I’m working rapidly, I tend to be a little rough with my machine. However, if you press too hard, you may easily shatter a hoop or even sections of your machine. Slow down, relax, and treat your embroidery machine gently, and it will last much longer.

Do you want to grease your machine or not?

The verdict is still out on this one. Some service technicians advise against using sewing machine lubricant to oil embroidery machines since the oil will harm the electronics. Check your handbook first, then ask where you can have your machine repaired. Then simply follow their instructions. The locations on your machine where there are moving metal parts are the greatest places to oil. A good place to maintain the bobbin moving smoothly is around the exterior of the bobbin casing.

Replace your needles on a regular basis.

The easiest approach to avoid getting broken needle fragments trapped in your embroidery machine is to avoid having your needle break in the first place. And changing your needle on a regular basis is the greatest approach to avoid needle damage. Do you remember how often I used to replace my needle? When it finally fell apart. This, however, is not a good idea. Gummy needles, nicks and burrs, and even tiny bends are all possible. They are more prone to shattering once this occurs. Use embroidery machine needles in your embroidery machine instead of conventional sewing needles, since there is a significant difference between the two.

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