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How To Install the Github Snake Mod Menu for Google Snake Game? A Complete Guide and Much More

Github Snake Mod Menu
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Everyone wants to play the Google Snake Mod Menu game but doesn’t know how to get the GitHub snake mod menu to be played on your browser. 

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to install the Google snake mod menu on your browser so that you can play the Google Snake game with all those cool mods.  We will go through the process step-by-step so that you can follow along easily and enjoy your game. 

Note: Since Google Snake is a game played on browsers, you can install the Github Snake Menu Mod on any browser. (Chromebook is also compatible)

        Image source: Screenshot of the game

Google Snake Mod Menu (also searched for as Github Snake Mod Menu)

Google Snake is a simple snake game that’s played on a web browser. You don’t have to install its files on a computer to play this game, but you have to download a folder and tweak a setting or two of your browser to be able to play this game with mods. 

Since this game is from Google, It allows everyone to make tweaks and mods for this game. 

Github Snake mod menu is open source and available for free on Github. A lot of people search for menu mod for this game by typing Github Snake Mod Menu on Google hoping that they will eventually find an article that teaches them how to mod this Google Snake game on their web browsers. 

If you’re one of those people, you’re at the right place because what awaits later in the article is a complete step-by-step guide on how to get the Github snake mod menu for Google Snake. 

Why Install the Github Snake Mod Menu?

We are aware that a lot of you might be wondering why this game mod needs to be installed on a browser in order to play it. Usually, browser-based games can be played just by going to their web pages and the game starts, ready to be played. 

Players nowadays don’t like to play with things that come right from the box. They want accessories, modifications, and customizations. Imagine playing Fortnite without those aesthetic skins. 

With modifications, every game is boring and colorless. What we want is more and more features in a game. Google Snake game comes with just a snake that goes around here and there to find food. With the Github Snake Mod Menu, the players have the option to play with lots of mods. They can choose a tortoise as a playable character rather than a snake. 

You can actually play this game on your web browser directly without having to install anything but you won’t be able to enjoy the Game Mods that really make the game a whole new experience. (And that is exactly why you’re here, to install the snake mod menu in the game)

So, in order for you to play this game with mods, you have to follow the tutorial that fully explains how to install the Github snake mod menu on your web browser. 

Now that you know what the game mod is about and why it needs to be installed on your web browser, let’s hop right into the tutorial. 

How to Install the Github Snake Mod Menu on your Web Browser 

In order to install this game mod for the Google Snake game, follow these steps carefully so that you can enjoy your game with all the cool mods. 

Step 1: Go to your search bar and type “”

Step 2: in the upper right corner, you’ll see the Github search bar. Type “google snake” and hit enter.

Step 3: You’ll see a number of results, the first is what you’re looking for. Click on it.

Step 4: It’ll open another Github page. On the right side, middle of the page, you’ll see “Releases”. Below that will be your game “Google Snake Mod Menu”, Click on it. 

Step 5: The web page of this game on Github will be in front of you by now. Click on “MoreMenu.html” (You’ll see that a file will be downloaded by your browser).

Step 6: Now, press the three dots at the upper right corner of your browser, go to Bookmarks and then click on Bookmark manager. (See the pic below)

Step 7: in the bookmark manager, press the three dots (right next to the Bookmark search bar) and press import bookmarks.

Step 8: Now you have to locate the file “ModeMenu.html” and open it via the window that opened in front of you. You’ll now see a new folder named “Imported

Step 9: Now that the installation is complete, all you have to do is to go to Google and search, “ Google Snake”. 

Step 10: The game will pop right in front of you but you’ll notice that there are still no mods showing in the mod menu. What you have to do is to click the “Imported” that’s showing in the bookmark bar and click More Menu Stuff

Wait for like 4-5 seconds or reload the page. What you’ll see now is that when you click the game mod menu, there will be a ton of mods for you to play within the game, thanks to the Github Snake Mod Menu. 

That’s it. Your game can now be played with lots of mods. That was easy, right?

Now, this makes you wonder how many customization options there are in the Github Snake Mod Menu. 

What Customization Options There are in Github Snake Mod Menu?

As mentioned above, there are a lot of customization options available for Google Snake once you install the Github Snake Mod Menu. 


You can control the speed of your snake by choosing three of the following options:

The Snake (Default): The snake goes with a normal speed

The Rabbit: The snake will go with a faster speed

The Tortoise: Your Snake will go with a slow speed

Board Size

You can choose three options when it comes to the board size.

You can choose how far the blocks will be in your board by choosing from these three. If you want a small board with big blocks, choose the one in the middle.

If you want a large board with small blocks, choose the one in the right, otherwise left (the default). 

Snake Colour

You can choose a lot of colors. You will find this option in the last line where their different colored snakes in circles. 

Food Symmetry

This doesn’t do anything special. Upon testing this mod in the game, we found out that this symmetry of food objects comes right in front of you only when the game starts. The food object comes randomly as the game goes. 

Nevertheless, You can choose three of them as shown in the picture below. 

Food Objects

You can choose a variety of food objects in the game. However, they don’t change the gameplay, you can still enjoy this modification by trying new objects. As they say, “It pleases the eyes”. 

Game Mods

Now this one has a lot of customization options and mods. There are so many that we’ll cover only a few of them. They change the whole gameplay by giving this game a new life. 

Let’s see how they change the gameplay. 

The Trophy: Changes nothing

The Wall: Puts walls randomly in the game in place of food. Once the snake hits them, it dies. 

The Portal: Puts trees in the game blocks. These trees act as portals. The snake is transported to another tree. 

The Cheese: Cuts your snake one block each. You can travel through your snake where it is cut.

See the image below for a better understanding. 

There are a lot of other mods as well that make playing this game really interesting and enjoyable. 

FAQs About Github Snake Mod menu

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, answered. 

How do I get the snake mod menu?

You can get the Github snake mod menu by installing the bookmark in your browser. If you don’t know how to do that, this article contains a step-by-step tutorial on how to install the snake mod menu for Google Snake on your web browser. 

What is the best snake mod?

There are lots of snake mods for Google snake. To deduce what the best snake mod is, head to our article where we explain each mod and provide you with a complete tutorial on how to install these mods for Google snake. 

How do I install Google Snake mods?

To install Google snake mods, you’ll have to download the Github snake mod menu. After installing this file, import it into the Bookmark manager of your browser. You can open this article for a complete guide on how to install the Google Snake mods.

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