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How do you apply for a German student Visa?

German Student Visa

Germany’s popularity as an academic destination among international students has been on a steady rise for some time now. The country is famous in the academic circles owing to the affordability of high-quality education in the country. Furthermore, Germany is also known for its industrial and engineering excellence and an open job market which provides fantastic career prospects to international students after their course completion. 

There are plenty of reputed public and private universities in Germany that offer a wide range of undergraduate courses in diverse disciplines. The ethnic diversity and cosmopolitan nature of major German cities like Berlin also enhance the educational experience of students venturing out of their home countries after completion of their high school education.

The process of applying for a German visa for students may seem intimidating on the surface but is a rather straightforward process. This blog can provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide for selecting and applying for higher education in Germany.

Financial arrangement for the cost of education 

Once you have sent in your college applications, you would need to arrange your finances to cover the cost of your bachelor’s degree in Germany. Although the cost of studying in Germany as an undergraduate student is affordable, there might be additional charges such as convenience fees which are university-specific. 

Most universities display the tuition fee of the course along with the additional charges on their websites. You can also contact international student advisors from the university, for further clarity on the amount expected from you. There are many scholarships in Germany which you could apply for financial assistance.  

You also need to show proof that you have enough funds to sustain your living costs while you study in Germany. As per DAAD, the average cost of living expenses for international students can amount to around € 12,000 per year.

Applying for a German student visa 

Once you receive an admission letter from your selected university, you might have to apply for a Germany student visa depending on your country of origin. Applying for a student visa can only be possible after you have received an admission letter from a recognised German university since the letter is a part of German student visa requirement. 

If you hail from an EU-member country like France, Switzerland or the Netherlands, you get the same status as German citizens and don’t need a student visa. If you hail from Canada, the USA, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea, you can study in Germany without a student visa. However, you have to register with the Aliens’ Registration Office and the Residents’ Registration Office within two weeks of arrival in Germany. 

If your home country happens to be Honduras, El Salvador, San Marino, Brazil, Monaco, Andorra, or Taiwan, you can apply for a student residence permit in Germany only if you don’t plan to work in the country after your course completion. If you hail from any other nation apart from these countries, you will require to apply for a mandatory student visa for Germany.

Obtaining a health insurance 

Once you get an approved German student visa, you can start preparations to go to Germany for your studies. You will need to purchase valid health insurance which can cover the medical costs incurred during your stay in the country.

International students from non-EU countries have to mandatorily buy global health insurance to cover the duration of their stay in Germany. 

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