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How to convert YouTube music to mp3?

YouTube is the biggest video hosting service, allowing you to host a wide range of videos. These can be videos from YouTube, blogs, and other media. Sometimes it is easier to consume these content in audio format. YouTube video hosting does not support this feature, so you need to use third party services.

Audio from YouTube Videos – Why would you want it?

In many cases, downloading audio from YouTube videos can be very useful. The platform also allows you to access the compositions of many different artists and cover versions for famous songs. It is impossible to find an alternative but to download the audio of the video.

YouTube regularly posts a wide variety of videos, podcasts, entertainment stories, lectures and other information. It’s best to listen to such information because a podcast can sometimes last for hours. Fortunately, there is a solution.

YouTube: How do you download sound? Here are some options

YouTube video hosting does not permit you to download any video or audio. Therefore, third-party service providers are needed to help with this task. This is possible with the aid of online converters. All of these services operate on the same principle: you simply need to link to a video, convert it to MP3 and then download the audio file to your device. Next we’ll look at the most famous services of this kind.

YouTube Converter allows you download audio from YouTube

It is an easy and practical tool that allows you to download audio content from YouTube. It converts files to MP3, M4A, m4a, webm formats. This service can convert YouTube videos and content from many social networks. Here are some of the benefits:

  • High quality sound
  • The service is easy and straightforward to use.
  • You don’t need to put anything on your computer.
  • There is no need to register
  • It is not possible to insert advertisements into downloaded files.

The drawbacks include the slow download time and insufficient translation of the official website into Russian. Video files that are too long are not always successful converted.

You can download audio from YouTube videos using YouTube to Mp3

Although the principle of operation is identical to the previous service, certain formats are not available. You can only convert the file and then download it. This service has the following advantages:

  • High quality sound quality
  • The presence of a dark theme.
  • Just a few mouse clicks and you can convert the file and download it.
  • Dropbox can be used to store files.
  • No audio ads.

How to download audio from YouTube videos using YouTube Converter?

– Go to the official y2convertwebsite of the service and select “YouTube to MP3” at the top right.
– Next, find the video you want on YouTube and copy its URL.

Once you have copied the link, go back to the service site and paste it in the area designated for this purpose. After converting the video, you will be prompted for downloading it in several formats. Choose the format that you prefer and wait for it to download. Click the “Download” button to be redirected directly to the site. Close it and you’ll see the audio recording.

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