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Basics Guide to Multilingual Link-Building

Multilingual Link-Building
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Globalization is transforming businesses. The importance of catering to global audiences has never been greater than in 2022. Setting up an effective international search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is one of the steps required to establish your presence in foreign markets.

Link building – multilingual link building – is the cornerstone of this SEO strategy. This handy guide describes how to acquire backlinks in different languages and explains why it is essential to the success of your business in the next few years.

What is Multilingual Link Building?

Link building is a massive element of any regular SEO campaign. High-quality backlinks that point at your website’s content signal to Google that it deserves your attention. The result: your content gets a boost up the search engine rankings. Multilingual link building has the same process. The difference is that you are targeting other languages.

The content you’re reading right now is probably in English. Your market reach is severely limited by sticking with a single language, although this is great for reaching audiences who speak English most of the time. 

How Multilingual Link Building Works

The process of building multilingual links looks like this:

  • Find the Right Keywords

A multilingual link-building strategy involves building high-quality links from websites in particular regions. Therefore, researching keywords before beginning a link-building campaign is crucial. The more specific keywords you can find at the beginning, the easier it will be to determine which backlinks you need to target. Using local keyword strategies, you can also try to get links from favorite websites in your target market.

You cannot use keyword strategies when building international links when creating content. Creating relevant backlinks requires conducting separate keyword research. Fortunately, a competent link-building service can help you build links locally and might use the following steps:

  • Identify local users’ specific intents.
  • Analyze the search volumes for all keywords.
  • Find implicit and explicit local keywords.
  • Examine your competitors’ keyword strategies.
  • Hire a Native Speaker

With the ease of hiring native speakers online, translation services are becoming increasingly affordable. Besides translating a website’s content, native speakers can provide comments, directory submissions, and link-building strategies.

Besides, the translation and link-building capabilities of native speakers are better than those of automated systems. 

  • Consider Cultural Differences

It might not be sufficient to change some local language words to overcome a language barrier; you may not translate humor, idioms, and other parts of the language. Jokes may be funny in one country but may offend in another.

You may harm your website’s reputation if you don’t consider cultural considerations when building links across languages.

Benefits of Multilingual Link-Building

Multilingual link building offers multiple benefits, as you might expect. Let’s review the main points:

  • Improved Rankings On All Fronts

You are getting mentions overseas for your website. Search engines won’t overlook this. Your business’s perception will improve once they see your international reach.

Building multilingual links will naturally increase your search ranking in the new markets you’re targeting. Although you might not realize it, it may boost your site’s rankings in English-speaking markets.

  • Improved International Reputation

Your reputation will grow in different countries if you concentrate on specific international markets. Customers will be more receptive to your brand if you share content in their native language and receive links from trusted local sources.

Could you give it some thought? When said in a foreign country, a few phrases in the local tongue will impress the natives, and they’ll appreciate it. International SEO follows a similar logic.

  • Expand Your Customer Base

Boosting your ranking and enhancing your reputation will help build a global audience. Thus, you will ‌list your products in more languages, increasing your sales numbers.

Negative Multilingual Link Building Strategies To Know

Several things can harm your website, but you should not ignore the following practices:

  • Separating your languages: Meta titles and descriptions are unique to each page. It is therefore detrimental to your site’s SEO and indexation to have all the languages on one page. Furthermore, it negatively affects the experience of the user.
  • Controlling language differentiation with cookies: Cookies don’t do your visitors any justice when cookies differentiate your pages. Cookies are not part of Google’s policy. Except for one page, other pages will not be indexed.
  • Finding languages with hashtags: involves linking your website to different languages by placing anchors. It can be confusing as well.


It’s crucial to rank your website globally. Multilingual link building is an effective way to build local links. Therefore, you must adhere to such rules since the global scene is harsh and unforgiving. However, to avoid a Google penalty, it would be best to refrain from the unethical link-building practices mentioned.

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