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In its domestic use, thermal insulation fabric such as thermal warmers and jackets are used to keep people warm in colder climates and winters. On the industrial end, there are thermal insulation pads used to insulate hot equipment. Beginning with the basic concept of insulation, this blog will tell you about the thermal insulation pads Prime Tech Inc. USA sells.

What is Thermal Insulation?

The process of energy flow from a hotter surface to a cooler one, when restricted, is called thermal insulation. It restricts the rapid flow of heat between two adjacent surfaces. To achieve thermal insulation, you need suitably shaped objects and materials and specially engineered processes and techniques.

Also known as insulators, thermal insulation materials are designed into the structure of commercial buildings to improve the energy consumption rate of their heating and cooling systems. When installed in industrial systems, thermal insulation materials are supposed to control the loss or gain of heat on boilers, steam and condensate distribution systems, and process piping & equipment as well as other process equipment.

When you resist the flow of heat through the insulation material, thermal insulation occurs successfully. The insulator, a.k.a. insulation material, needs to function properly to inhibit the flow of heat. It does that to materials located adjacent to each other and are touching each other enough to let heat transfer naturally.

Prime Tech Inc. USA’s Thermal Insulation Products

We sell durableBrandenburger insulation products for general machine construction, woodworking, mold and tool making, as well as rubber and plastic processing. Our engineers understand the unique demands of every application, and we have appropriately designed unique production processes to cater to each demand.

Prime Tech Inc. USA provides the perfect solution that will fulfill all your thermal insulation needs! We consider:

  • The needed chemical resistance
  • The required pressure resistance
  • The needed dimensional stability
  • The required temperature

When the client provides us the final drawing, we provide them pre-cuts, machined parts, and full sheets that matches the sketch. All you need to do is let us know the purpose you need our insulation product for, the pressure you need, the required temperature, and our experts will suggest you the best Prime Tech thermal insulator product.

What are Thermal Insulation Pads?

Used to insulate hot surfaces in filters, valves, and gas turbines in industrial applications, thermal insulation pads provide the best energy preservation you could design. They also protect operators and ensure the work environment is comfortable enough. They are also designed into heating panels and winter jackets to ensure heat loss is minimized and heat preservation is as efficient as possible.

Thermal insulation pads be constructed flexibly, which enables them to be custom designed into complicated shapes too. This means you can get them to provide the ideal snug fit on surfaces that have a complicated shape.

All thermal insulation materials need to have three basic properties in order to be functional:

  1. Temperature Stability: the ability of the material to retain its original state when exposed to heat.
  2. Strength: this includes both compression and flexural strength.
  3. Thermal Conductivity: this is the natural ability of the material to transfer heat.

To sum it up, Prime Tech Inc. USA provides some of the leading thermal insulation pads you could find on the market. Hopefully, this post would help you make an informed choice.

Reach us out today to find which thermal insulation product best fulfills your need!


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