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Top practical applications of Internet of Things in Industrial Automation

Every sector in the market is getting the most out of the technology. Be it for flourishing businesses to industries; they’re using the latest tools to handle their operations better and increase their efficiency. A big part of this change is the automation tools that have now become a big part of almost every sector. You must have seen businesses using automation tools to reduce their costs and workforce. By using machines, they’re essentially outsourcing the manual or monotonous work to make room for better opportunities for the employees. Furthermore, with the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things, the manufacturing and industrial world has been coming into stride.

The Industrial Internet of Things or IIOT is essentially the interconnectivity among different devices like controllers, sensors, etc., in an industrial setting. These devices are connected and networked together to form a single system within the specific industry. It helps in the collection of data, controlling the devices reducing costs, and better efficiency. Furthermore, it allows industries to take a data-driven approach to their decisions and minimize human intervention. It’s an excellent option for reducing the overall costs related to industrial operations. The use of Open Automation Software is a perfect example of IIOT in Industrial Automation. It’s a tool that helps interconnect the devices and brings automation tools for handling the operations. Let’s look over the top four applications of IIOT in Industrial Automation:

Remote access to machinery

A significant benefit of automation in industrial operations is remote access. If a machine stops working due to some error, the engineer would’ve to visit the factory to assess the problem. This would delay the work of the factory and also lead to wastage of time. Furthermore, it will lead to higher charges for the visit to repair the machinery. However, with industrial automation, the engineer can remotely access the machine and view files on the PLC. It would help them figure out the problem without even leaving their current location. Also, it will help in a quick resolution for both the factory and the engineer. They can assess the problem or even reset the machine in just a few minutes. The device can get back to work in no time and help the production get back on track.

Machine Maintenance

Every machine needs regular servicing and maintenance work efficiently. If there isn’t a system to assess its maintenance schedule, it might lead to some damages. With automation and interconnectivity among devices, the data can be accessed easily by anyone. It would work efficiently if you already have the data about a machine’s degradation after a certain number of work hours. For example, if you know that a specific precision tool needs maintenance after 100 work hours, you can schedule the same easily. Even so, with automation, you can set notifications for the person when these hours are completed.

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The engineer or the controller would receive a notification about the machine’s work and the need for maintenance. It’s an excellent option to keep track of the health of the devices and ensure minimum downtime. If you own a factory, it can help you bring efficiency into the process and ensure that your machines are in good health. Furthermore, the notifications system is an excellent method to ensure that no service or maintenance is missed.

Standardization and quality control

Standardized goods are the goal of every manufacturing company. It helps them build goodwill in the market and ensure that the product quality is up to the mark. Furthermore, standardized products are essential for building a relationship if you manufacture goods for other factories. They will only buy the raw material from you if they get good quality. It is a major task for every industry to conduct quality control checks on the final products. However, that is a laborious and inefficient process.

Even if they manage to do so, there’s no way they can check each production unit. But, with industrial automation tools, data is collected at every step. The controllers can check the quality of products at each stage, right from when it’s just raw material to the finished good. They can make the necessary corrections and ensure that there are no errors in the production chain. It’s an excellent and easier method than relying on the workforce to conduct checks. It would be riskier than doing it yourself and can lead to quality problems for the factory.

Plant Safety Improvement

Safety is an integral part of efficient working in an industrial unit. You cannot expect your workers to be efficient or motivated if there aren’t ample safety measures in place. Furthermore, a factory setting can be hazardous and can lead to frequent accidents for workers. Damages in machinery can sometimes be risky for workers if they manually operate them. Industrial automation is the answer to address these issues and provide for a safer factory unit for the workers. Through interconnected devices, you can access real-time data by machinery. It’s an easy way to monitor any damages to the machines and ensure that they’re dealt with quickly.

Furthermore, you can use these tools to monitor the air quality of your unit and help take the necessary measures. It will help provide a safer work environment for your workers and ensure they don’t face any health-related problems. As an owner of an industrial unit, you should request a product demo for automation software. You can look over the benefits yourself and get the most out of this new technology.

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