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What are the most popular online part-time courses to study in Ireland?

What are the most popular online part-time courses to study in Ireland?

Ireland is one of the most developed nations within the EU and attracts the top talent across different professional domains each year. With the Irish economy booming in the recent years, the demand for qualified professionals in life sciences, business, engineering and financial services is steadily rising.

Studying for a degree is the most common way to learn a subject, but it is not the only way. If you want to study for a degree in Ireland, but you have other commitments that make it difficult – such as work or caring responsibilities – then distance learning might be a good option.

Distance learning courses allow students to study online from their own home, at their own pace and often from their own country. The big advantage of these courses is that they are less expensive than studying on-campus in Ireland. For instance, if the in-course costs $2,000, but it’s offered as an online course at half price, then you would save money by taking the online version instead. Online part-time courses are now a common way for people to study.

If you fancy a stable and financially rewarding career in an Irish city, you should look into pursuing online part time courses in subjects that are in the most demand. Online courses are gaining popularity nowadays as they are available to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Online courses are a great alternative for those who have no time or resources to attend the regular classes offline. Let’s take a dive into some of the course specialisations that are popular in Ireland among its local and international students alike.

  1. Psychology: Studying psychology can help you decipher the workings and behaviour of human mind. Thus, you can understand yourself and the people around you better and learn how different stimuli affect our behaviours and mindsets. After graduation, you can pick from many intriguing career options in clinical psychology, counselling and therapy, occupational psychology and education and learning development.


  1. Bookkeeping and Payroll: Bookkeeping and payroll form the heart of the financial department of any company. These professionals are more than number crunchers—they ensure the financial health of the organisation and periodic growth. Ireland is an established market for financial companies who always require qualified finance professionals and bookkeepers. Upon graduation, you can choose from diverse career roles such as credit controller, finance assistants, payroll administrators and Bookkeepers.


  1. Human resource management: Most successful companies credit their success to their employees and human resources development team is responsible for motivating and engaging with them. Human resource management is integral to the functioning of any organisation and involves several critical functions like staff recruitment, training and management of employees. Pursuing a human resource management diploma can allow you to opt for roles like HR officers, HR recruitment assistants and HR business partners.
  2. Project management: Project management has become an essential management style in 2021 as business operations are becoming complex and minute. There is an immense demand for qualified project managers within the corporate domain. According to PMI, the demand for able project managers can exceed 87.7 million globally by 2027. A few worthy project management roles in the industry include IT project managers, project management specialists and construction project managers.


  1. The Web Developer Bootcamp: – This course teaches you everything that you need to know about web development, from JavaScript basics and JQuery, all the way through responsive design and server-side technologies. It covers HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL and more.


  1. The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Successfully Learning How to Code Full-Time Online: – This course provides a lot of information for those who want to learn how to code. It includes how to start from zero and become a professional coder.


Other popular courses include programmes in investment banking and finance, Big Data, life sciences, healthcare and pharmaceutical sciences. A few other interesting subject specialisations also include software development, cybersecurity, business analysis and data analytics.

Online courses are an excellent way to educate oneself. The information is presented in a well-organized format which makes it easier for the user to understand. There are also videos that explain certain topics, which can be useful in order to teach someone who is not able to physically attend the course.

Investing in an in-demand course specialisation of your choice from a premier Irish university can enhance your career prospects in Ireland and abroad. It can also help you gain the relevant domain expertise and other transferable skills required for your career. Pursuing a part-time course can also help you maintain your professional life in addition to your academics. These online project management courses are often cheaper than traditional face-to-face courses and have the added bonus of being able to be studied at your own pace.

Look for appropriate online programmes with interesting specialisations today to take your career towards greater heights.

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