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What Is More Important When Buying a Used Car – Age or Mileage?

Buying A Used Car
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You must be wondering what is more important when buying a used car? Is its mileage or its age? These things come to mind when you are confused about “on what basis” you should buy a used car. In normal cases, cars become cheaper with increasing age. In the same way, a car with higher mileage costs considerably less than one that has fewer kilometers on the odometer. It is hard to decide what to choose, mileage or age when buying a used car

Mileage Is an Important Factor

When you are deciding on buying a car, the mileage of the car is one important factor that you should pay attention to. A car with high mileage should have more wear and tear and less engine life left. If you are confused between two cars, choose the car which has comparatively less mileage than the other one. However, you should try to know why the mileage of a particular car is low because there is also a possibility that the car was parked at a single spot for a long time. If a car is not used regularly, the rubber and plastic components in the car become brittle and this is not good for the car. 

There is no need to hurry while deciding about which car to buy. It is a big decision, take your time to research the service history of the car. While buying a used car, make sure you are spending money on a car that is worth buying.

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How Is Age of the Car Important?

You need to observe many things while buying a car, one of the most important factors is age. Check the car properly, watch out for corrosion. The remaining lifetime of the car decreases if it is not taken care of properly with age. Check the service history; accident history, paint job if any, traffic violations, or if the car is involved in any crime.  When you buy a used car, a car that is well-maintained and taken care of will always be a good buy. Just as people tend to live longer when they eat properly, exercise, and get good health care, cars tend to last longer when they are well-maintained and treated with love.

It is good to consider the age of the vehicle and the number on the odometer while buying a used car, but it is more important to see how well the owner has taken care of the vehicle. Therefore, before purchasing a vehicle, it is recommended to have the vehicle inspected as closely as possible by an experienced and known mechanic to ensure that it is in good condition. 

Buying on CARS24-The Better Choice 

We all have heard about CARS24, they sell the best-used cars. When buying a used car from them, they have a 140-point check to ensure that the car is in good condition, they refurbish the car in their company-owned workshops and provide customers the best pre-sale and after-sale experience.

They provide the best mileage cars to customers at very affordable prices! They have a wide choice of cars that are properly tested and honest information about the car is provided so you need not worry about anything now and buy a used car from them with confidence! 

We could conclude that both mileage and age are important, but as customers, we should consider all other details and make an informed decision. CARS24 makes this decision-making a lot easier as they take care of these things.

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