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What is SEO automation?

What is SEO automation?

SEO automation refers to the act of using computerized tools and programs to perform recurring search engine optimization tasks. There’s a variety of processes involved in running a successful SEO strategy. Some of these procedures are laborious and time-consuming. Think of a situation where SEO experts had to update listings manually.

But with the right tools, businesses can now automate mundane search engine optimization tasks and free workers’ time. This way, webmasters can channel their time and energy on marketing tasks that require a hands-on approach. Besides saving time, SEO automation reduces human error thus improving efficiency.

Prior to SEO automation, it’s crucial to carefully investigate the condition of your website SEO. Consider using a tool to analyze the entire website for SEO. This action should point out the areas that may reap the benefits of SEO automation.

Here’s a look at the various SEO tasks you could automate.

1. Website monitoring

The goal of search engine optimization is to boost a website’s rankings on SERPS. Automated tools are helpful in achieving this. These programs analyze your site’s ranking and indexability to identify potential issues and opportunities. They come in handy when you wish to keep tabs on page load time, site uptime, and broken links. Besides, the tools provide you with daily rankings for different KWs. The reports include competitors’ traffic metrics for comparison purposes. If you utilize this data properly, you’ll always be up-to-date with your site’s performance. The best part is that most services provide real-time data.

2. Scraping KWs

SEO automation uses artificial intelligence to monitor thousands of pages and pinpoint keywords that need to be optimized. They gather KWs with relevant data that will guide you in determining the valuable phrases. Since the tools can track competitor SEO campaigns, you might want to check their website’s performance for certain KWs. Tools should show how competitors use their KWs in meta tags, descriptions, links, and titles. This information is crucial for the success of your content strategy. Thanks to automatic tools, your team won’t have to do manual keyword searches and make blind decisions.

3. Keyword Rank Tracking

It’s hard to monitor different pages on your website to determine how the KWs perform. If you use manual methods, you’ll probably lose focus halfway or have challenges keeping up with every page. To avoid this, use bots to know what position your KWs are in on different search engines. Compare your KWs with those of your competitors as well. Sophisticated tools enable you to see real-time rankings and you could sort the results based on your region, country, or city. Discover what KWs your competitors are bidding for on their paid and organic search campaigns.

Linkbuilding is an important aspect of your SEO campaigns. Unfortunately, there are so many web pages to crawl out there to pinpoint link-building opportunities that match your business and SEO strategy. But with the appropriate software, you scrape and sort these backlinks automatically.

Good tools give you the technical data on links to help you determine their relevance and quality. Besides providing link suggestions, an efficient tool will enable you to contact prospects, verify links, monitor them to identify and fix broken or switched off links, and create regular reports. You’ll also be able to analyze competitor data and see trends from one place. Backlink monitoring is a great way to boost your domain authority.

5. Content Creation

There are smart tools that use artificial intelligence to study your products, services, or business niche to create matching content. These applications can work well to digitalize the creation of structured data, titles, meta descriptions, and headers. Others can analyze the created content to determine if it meets the set standards. For instance, an SEO crawler can detect a meta description that’s longer than the set word count or lacks the relevant keyword phrase. You just need to feed the necessary keywords and the content will be ready in an instant.

6. Technical SEO Audit

You don’t have a successful SEO strategy until you’ve conducted regular audits. Audits check various aspects such as the validity of website tags, alt texts, meta descriptions, and others. This check will show you whether all pages have up-to-date data. Note that having outdated descriptions and meta tags can ruin your SEO efforts. Consider software to streamline the process and ensure you get prompt reports and reminders.


Incorporating automatic tools in your SEO campaign can dramatically increase your efficiency and ROI. These bots are known to help webmasters to get accurate and timely results. And if you wish to stay ahead of your industry competition, you can’t ignore SEO automation. Here you can learn more about SEO automation from a technical perspective – the article explains how you can build simple web applications to do mundane tasks quicker.

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