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15+ Google Analytics Reports Every Marketer Needs to See by Saivian Eric Dalius

Google Analytics is often under-used. This is because it’s a big, complex product to use – but once you learn how to harness its power, you’ll have your competitors wishing that they were as smart as you are!

Here are 30 analytics reports which will give marketers insights into their business by Saivian Eric Dalius

It’s worth reading my guide on how to use Google Analytics for Digital Marketers to see which reports are available in the free version of Google Analytics Saivian Eric Dalius .

1) Audience Overview Report

The Audience Overview report is where you can really start to understand your visitors. Here, you’re able to see the demographics of your visitors, which countries they’re coming from, how much time they’re spending on site and what their goals are.

2) Sources Overview Report

Under the Sources report, you can see how many visits are being generated by organic search traffic, referrals, direct traffic, social media…the list goes on. Organise this data by medium to get a complete picture of how your marketing is performing.

3) Paths Report

The Paths report shows you how visitors are navigating through your website. If this report looks repetitive, it’s because there are many pages that are being accessed concurrently by your visitors – which is great! It means they’re browsing around…but if you notice that a large number of people are exiting your site on the same page, you need to look at what’s causing them to hit this point.

4) Channel Groupings Report

The channel grouping report is great for audience segmentation – here, you can see how many visitors come from each channel and drill down further so that you know exactly how many visits each social network is generating. You can then focus your marketing efforts on the channels that are working best for you.

5) Funnel Visualization Report

The Funnel Visualization report shows where people drop off in an e-commerce conversion funnel, and tracks the path visitors take through your site before they make a purchase or abandon the process. If you notice that many people are exiting your site at a particular stage – why? Perhaps it’s something on this page which is turning them off…

6) Ecommerce Overview Report

The Ecommerce Overview report allows you to see how many transactions have been made, how much revenue they’ve generated and if there are any products which are taking a disproportionate amount of time to sell.

7) Ecommerce Search and Overview Report

The Search Engine report gives you deep insights into which keywords your visitors are using to find your website, and if they’re converting once they’ve arrived on your site. Using this data, you can better understand their needs and the language they use – and perhaps even start using this language on your site!

8) Ecommerce Product Performance Report

For e-commerce sites, the Product Performance report is essential. This data allows you to see which of your products are performing best, and which ones aren’t selling at all – so that you can either A/ reduce prices, B/ relaunch as a new product, or C/ remove the product from sale.

9) User Defined Custom Reports

User-defined custom reports allow you to collate any data that you want into a single report. You can choose which metrics and dimensions are included in this report, so it’s a great way of drilling down into your most important business metrics.

10) Events Report

Events are tracked via code that you place on your pages – and the Events report allows you to see which events have been triggered and how many people have completed them. This data is especially useful in determining which adverts or calls to action are working best for the site.

11) Ecommerce Shopping Behaviors Report

The Shopping Behaviors report is all about the path that people take while browsing an e-commerce store. You can then determine which products are popular and look at what’s triggering visitors to add things to their cart…you’ll also be able to see how many times they add something before putting it in their cart!

12) Ecommerce Revenue per Session Report

The Revenue per Session report gives you deep insights into how much revenue your customers are spending. This is useful because it pinpoints the customers who are making you the most money, allowing you to focus on improving their experience and encouraging them to make more purchases.

13) Ecommerce Product Performance by Country Report

The E-commerce Product Performance by Country report allows you to drill down into the data from your e-commerce store and see how products are performing within a specific geo location. It’s a great way to discover which product locales aren’t selling well in, allowing you to make price adjustments or relaunch the product as a new version.

14) Ecommerce Organic Search Traffic Report

The Organic Search Traffic report is particularly useful as it shows you which keywords are driving traffic to your site, along with the number of visitors who have completed a goal after searching for these terms – giving you crucial data on which organic keywords are best for your business.

15) Ecommerce Traffic Sources Overview Report

The Traffic Sources Overview report monitors all of the sources which are sending traffic to your site and allows you to see which ones are delivering the most visitors, along with how many goals they’re completing – and crucially, what percentage of your overall goal completions these sources account for.


Saivian Eric Dalius says the Traffic Sources Overview report monitors all of the sources which are sending traffic to your site and allows you to see which ones are delivering the most visitors, along with how many goals they’re completing – and crucially, what percentage of your overall goal completions these sources account for.

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