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Artificial Intelligence

Hassan Taher’s Comprehensive Guide to AI in Our Daily Lives

Hassan Taher’s Comprehensive Guide

Though artificial intelligence seems like a complex technology that only exists at the forefront of innovation, AI experts like LA’s Hassan Taher know that it’s already quietly mixed into a wide range of daily life for everyday people. At its most basic format, AI is constantly at work, steering our daily experiences while creating new expectations on how we can expect to use it going forward.

Behind the scenes, AI systems are based on managing, accessing, analyzing, and learning from the data that’s fed into it, enabling it to make decisions. Writes Taher, “From dynamically managing colossal volumes of data to enabling machines to understand, learn, and make decisions, AI has morphed from a conceptual marvel in scientific literature to an intrinsic component of our daily lives.”

How AI Enhances Social Interactions

Think you haven’t been affected by AI? Do you use social media? Then you have. Shared Taher, “Artificial intelligence subtly yet fundamentally enhances our social media experiences, refining content delivery and enabling secure and enjoyable digital interactions.”

Social media has done a significant amount of development in artificial intelligence, including neural networks and machine learning. This technology has allowed it to customize social media experiences to each user, including the content that’s delivered while providing secure digital interactions that are enjoyable and easy to use. This delivers an enhanced user experience that seamlessly merges with user content, advertising, and other content used on the site. Here’s a quick look at how three popular social media platforms and businesses incorporate AI into everyday operations, as explained by Hassan Taher in a recent blog post.

— Facebook: ”By leveraging deep learning technologies — particularly employing the Torch framework — Facebook manages to extract value from unstructured data, understanding user behaviors, and subsequently, refining content delivery and ad targeting.” 

— X, formerly known as Twitter: “Utilizing deep neural networks, Twitter harnesses the power of AI to not only personalize content recommendations, but also meticulously moderate content, mitigating the prevalence of harmful or inappropriate content.”

— Instagram: ”AI empowers Instagram with the capability to curate content, battle cyberbullying, and tailor advertising, ensuring users are engaged with pertinent and appealing content while maintaining a healthy interaction environment.”

— Chatbots: “Chatbots, enabled by natural language processing (NLP), facilitate seamless interactions, sometimes mimicking humanlike conversational abilities, thereby enhancing user experiences across various platforms.”

Everyday Digital Assistance

Artificial intelligence is incorporated into a wide range of everyday applications, including navigation, predictive text, and digital assistance. Combining machine learning, data analytics, and real-time data, the incorporation of AI into this technology has provided a number of opportunities to make daily life easier.

Whether you’re a fan of Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Microsoft Cortana, digital assistants help us manage a wide range of tasks both complex and mundane. Providing reminders, looking up details, and finding show times are just a few things handled by AI on a daily basis.

While older generations navigated road trips with a paper map, today, a range of apps and vehicle-native applications do a great job of not only providing routes, but also providing advanced driver assistance such as routing around traffic jams, as well as using sensors as a step toward self-driving cars from companies such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota.

And if you’ve ever used predictive text in a word processor, email, or on your phone, you’ve experienced the power of AI, with apps employing this technology to make users’ lives easier. These include smart replies and email categorization in platforms such as Gmail, providing effective communications and organization.

AI Improvement of Digital Experiences

By understanding your history, interests, and preferences, technology is able to make life easier in many small ways that you perhaps haven’t noticed over the years. AI experts like Hassan Taher have a strong understanding of how AI is tying together our digital lives in many ways, some of which are yet to be discovered.

— Web searches: Using predictive analytics, such as drawing up a list of possible related topics when you’re starting to enter a web search, AI is able to refine the process and help you find the exact type of content you’re looking for, based on constantly updated algorithms and your search history to determine your intent.

— E-commerce and services: Large online retailers are already using AI to provide a more personalized shopping service, where you can see a curated list of items that the AI has determined may be of interest to you. This also stretches to services like Spotify that curate musical and podcast lists based on your interests and searches.

— Autonomous flying: We already use AI for navigation on the ground, but in the very near future, we may not only have self-driving cars, but also self-flying planes. This is especially convenient given the popularity of drone delivery options in crowded urban areas where a ground vehicle may have a hard time making a delivery.

The Future of Human and AI Harmonization

From complex neural networks to a simple chatbot conversation, artificial intelligence has become commonplace in daily life, even if it’s not where it’s noticed. By creating silent enrichment in the background on our phones, improving our capability to communicate, and giving us a look into the future where intelligent machines and humans work together in an interactive companionship toward advancement, AI provides us with capabilities that are limited only by human ingenuity. 

Hassan Taher is totally on board with these rapid developments — with one caveat.

He cautioned, “As we proceed into this exciting future, it’s pivotal to engage in dialogues surrounding ethical AI use, ensuring that as these technologies become ever more entrenched in our lives, they serve to enhance, rather than dictate, the human experience.”

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