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My Email Was Found on the Dark Web – What Should I Do?

My Email Was Found on the Dark Web
My Email Was Found on the Dark Web

Did you know that only 4 percent of the World Wide Web is the surface web, which is the only part of the internet that’s easily accessible to everyone? There are three layers of the internet – after the surface web, the deep web exists and covers 96 percent of the internet. 

The dark web is found within the deep web and can only be accessed when you use an anonymous tool called Tor; it changes your IP address and location. This part of the internet condones all sorts of illegal dealings, such as the sale of credit card details, passwords, login credentials, and other forms of personal information. 

The statistics about data loss on the dark web haven’t been friendly, and we can only adopt practices that’ll mitigate our experiences with them. Finding your email address on the dark web isn’t the best news you can receive. If anything, it becomes a disturbance, it’s either you might not know if it’s about to be used or has been used already. 

More than 10.5 billion email addresses are found at the darkest part of the web, and they are mostly all for sale. This blog post will show you the successful methods used by those who successfully retrieved theirs. Hopefully, you’ll apply them to maximize your internet security. Here we go!

What should I do when my email is on the dark web? 

Although billions of email addresses are being sold on the dark web today, that doesn’t mean these cybercrooks have access to everyone’s personal information. However, if yours appears on the dark web, this makes you a victim of a data breach, which can be a scary experience. 

It puts everything that’s been linked with that email address at risk, and you need to take steps to reverse the situation. It’s not an irrevocable one, but taking active steps to mitigate your losses should be done immediately. 

The process is pretty easy, and you can get started by: 

Changing your passwords 

After finding out that your email is on the dark web, the first step to take is to change all your passwords. If they have access to your email, they may also have access to your current password. So, overlook the hassle of updating all social media accounts, shopping accounts, online banking accounts, and even computer passwords. 

Then, choose a more distinct password than your previous one; ensure it consists of letters, numbers, and symbols. It’s also best to avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. 

Securing your finances 

Although the chances of an email leak affecting your finances may be lower than normal, it’s best to take precautionary measures. Open all accounts and apps that contain any of your financial information to see that they’re intact. 

Then, you should also watch your subscription plans closely for a considerable period. Ensure that nothing is being added without authorization. 

Inspecting your computer for malware

Again, there are diverse reasons your email is on the dark web. So, you shouldn’t underestimate where any attack may come from. Staying prepared also involves checking your computer for malware, as cybercriminals aren’t above injecting malware into personal computers. 

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You can always ensure your computer anti-malware is constantly updated because that’s the only way it’ll be effective against data breaches. 

Stepping up your email game 

Having multiple emails can be advantageous most times. For one, it makes your accounts safer when you use a different address from what you use for trivial online activities. You will reduce your chances of another data breach when you provide the unimportant email address for accounts you don’t care much for. 

Essentially, you’re creating a special email address for serious business like your online purchasing activities, online banking, important social media accounts, among others. 

Finally, if you go through everything you’ve accumulated on this backup email address and find that they don’t interest you anymore, you can just discard it! 

Getting a VPN

If you haven’t gotten a VPN in 2022, then it’s likely because you don’t know the importance of one. It’s one of your stronger protective technologies against the ills of the dark web. By clicking the link you will find the best VPN reviews, so you could easy and without any doubts pick the best VPN that suits you the most.

For one, it cloaks your IP address with a made-up one, which makes you an anonymous internet surfer. The dark web can’t be used against an anonymous entity. 

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In a situation where your email was leaked through online correspondences, you can use a VPN to prevent that from ever happening again. This privacy service provider encrypts all your internet exchanges and sends them through secure tunnels. 

Hackers can’t decipher your messages because of the military-grade encryption most VPNs use today. 

Making more calculated decisions 

Finding out that your email was found on the dark web may be a call for a modification in lifestyle habits. For instance, if you’re fond of providing your email address and password for every website that requests it, then you need to stop that. 

Not all sites on the web are safe, so you can stick with only the ones that have HTTPS as the first letters in their URL. 

Using two-factor authentication 

This is one of the handiest tools for securing your email online and offline. Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security that requires you to provide a code confirming that you requested access to your account. 

That way, an imposter won’t be able to do any further damage to your email. 


While the dark web is where people sometimes go to have unconventional adventures, it’s mostly used for nefarious purposes. Protecting yourself from the dangers of all the layers of the internet is much easier than curing its effects. One of the ways to start is by using a technology that encrypts and protects your information – the best VPN reviews are here

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