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What Can You Do With iRobot Home App

iRobot Home App
iRobot Home App

Getting the Most Out of Your iRobot Home App

If you have Roomba or Braava robot mop, you might have already had an idea of how to use an iRobot Home App. If you don’t have any of these bots yet, or you want to be more proficient in using the app, you come to the right place. Today, we’re going to see the things that you can do with this amazing app.

About the App

Cleaning floors is easy with robot mops. If you don’t have one just yet, Stephen A. Hancock, a housekeeping expert, listed some of the best brands available today. They have become popular over the years because of their app.  

The iRobot Home App is the genius behind making iRobot mops a definition of smart bots. Once installed, it allows you to clean the way you want it. It utilizes sensors and processors of the robot to learn and adapt to your home and lifestyle. The app combines data and technology to develop a personalized cleaning pattern that suits your needs and schedule.

Downloading the App

There is no fuss about downloading the app. Go to App Store or Google Play, or directly to the iRobot app website and follow the download instructions. Quick reminder though: the app works for iOS devices with OS 12 or higher and Android OS 7.0 or higher. It doesn’t work on desktop OS, Windows Mobile OS, or Kindle Tablets/ Fire OS. If your gadget’s specs don’t meet this requirement, the app might not download at all.

Features of iRobot Home App

Once you have successfully downloaded the app, you can enjoy using its features. Take note that the availability of these features depends upon the model or version of the iRobot cleaner you are using.

Zone Cleaning

Choose which area you want to be cleaned, and put a virtual wall to restrict the bot from going to other places. You can also create a specific zone within an area to do spot cleaning. So, if you want to spot clean a small portion within the kitchen area, you can also do that. Just create a spot-cleaning zone within a room in the mop, and the bot will only focus on cleaning that part only.


On its initial run, the robot gathers information about the layout of your house. It creates a map based on the data it collected. You can see the map through the app. Once the map is available, you can divide it and label each room. You can use themap to designate the area that you want the robot to clean.

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Some iRobot models can detect mapping hazards and send a picture through the app. This is how the robot “tells” you that something isn’t right. You can also set up a Keep Out Zone to prevent the bot from cleaning other rooms.

Set Up Cleaning Schedule

Do you want your Roomba robot vacuum to run during a specific time and day? If yes, you can set up the cleaning schedule through the app. This will enable the bot to run automatically as scheduled even if you’re away. A clean floor will greet you when you get home.

The more you use the robot, the more it learns about your cleaning habits. Later, the app will suggest automated schedules based on your cleaning history.  

Choose the Cleaning Mode

What type of cleaning do you need? Standard, quick, or deep-cleaning?

You can choose the cleaning duration that you like through the cleaning mode option. If your guest will arrive in a few minutes, tick on “Quick.” If you’re not going anywhere, perhaps you might want to pick deep cleaning mode for better results. Whatever your situation is, the iRobot Home App got you covered.

Save Your Favorite Cleaning Routine

Create and save the cleaning routine you always use. The iRobot Home App will suggest schedules and cleaning modes based on your previous commands if you don’t have one created just yet. This will save you time configuring the device every time you need to clean.

Real-time Voice Assistant Status Alert

One of the coolest features of the iRobot Hope App is its ability to sync with Alexa or Google Assistant. Thanks to its WiFi connection capability, Roomba® robot vacuum and Braava® robot mop can notify you when it needs help through voice alert. You don’t have any reason to miss taking out the dirt into the disposal bag.

The iRobot Home App has been through many improvements over the years. The latest version is available for Roomba s9+ and i7+, and the Braava jet m6. The app in these models perform better in some areas like Scheduling, Keep Out Zones, and Mapping.As you can see, there are many things you can do with the iRobot Home App. Its intuitive interface makes it easier for you to set up control options that fit your lifestyle with just a few clicks.

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